I am not a professional, and none of what I say on my Podcast or on any other platform is any type of advice. I, Liam Scully, and my brand, Sum of Life are not a substitute for diagnosing, treating, or for giving medical/mental health or life advice. Always seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding your condition.

My Mission

Overall, my goal is to have one Podcast a week, but the end goal is to learn more from these conversations and particularly learn more about how to better our Mental Health. This is because I wish to open my own counseling business one day and I know these conversations will aid me in that creation.

My goal for the Instagram side of things is to better our knowledge surrounding Mental Health and bring attention to those who, in my opinion, have different ideas about Mental Health/Mental Illnesses.

Graphic Designer

Gerard "Tripp" Russo III


Music Editor

Brian Turcotte

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  • Why should I listen to you, Liam Scully?

I will be honest, I am not (as of yet) a Clinical Psychologist or an expert in the field of Psychology; I do indeed only have a 4-Year College Diploma. However, I am not the expert on these Podcasts, I am but a listener and learner. I will, of course, make solo Podcasts to present the information I have gathered for myself, but I will also be speaking with experts in the fields of Mental Health or Psychology, or just merely reacting to certain clips or quotes. I am not giving advice. I am just telling my story, listening to the experts, and analyzing.

  • Why should I listen to this Podcast?

I will be talking with experts occasionally on the podcast, however, my solo episodes consist of extensive research prior to each recording. Even then, the clips and information is just being presented to you through me, and I merely react. I am just the middle-man through which these ideas about different mental health topics are presented.

  • Can I use the Sum of Life Podcast as a replacement for therapy?

I am not here to give any advice of my own and I encourage you to seek help if you need it! I am not a professional. If you need professional help, please find it as soon possible! This podcast, or any other podcast for that matter, is not replacement for any type of therapy or advice of any sort.